Human Cruelty: The War on Haitians in the Dominican Republic by BreC

Wassup everybody it’s BreC again, and I want to talk about the racial cleansing taking place in the Dominican Republic. People have been calling this a genocide, but it’s not because the intent was not to eliminate a racial group; however, the intent is to migrate a racial group. 
The tension between Dominicans and Haitians escalated in October 1937 during the Parsley Massacre. The Dominican dictator, Rafael Trujilio, ordered for Haitian migrants that lived across the boarder to be killed. The reason being, so there could be a differentiation between black Dominicans and Haitians. Soldiers were forced to make civilians pronounce the word parsley (perejil in Spanish). Haitians speak Creole which makes it difficult to pronounce r’s. The failures of this linguistics test caused between 9000 and 20,000 Haitian fatalities in a 5 day span. This was referred to as the unknown genocide.

Antihaitinismo (anti-Haiti sentiment) did not begin with the Parsley Massacre. It began when Haitians gained their independence in 1804, and brought their culture to the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, it also did not end with the Parsley Massacre. 76 years after the Parsley Massacre discrimination and violence against Haitians still exist. In 2010 a policy was created to not give citizenship to Haitian immigrant children. This policy impacted 200,000 lives. Now almost 81 years later the killing has continued again. As we speak Haitians are being slaughtered on the streets of the Dominican Republic. 

We are living in nostalgia because history is repeating itself. Many people have tried to deny the Holocaust, but thanks to technology the horror in the Dominican Republic is visible. So now my question is, what are we going to do about it? We are one race, human. It is time to take a stand. If you do not agree with the government of the Dominican Republic’s cleansing of 250,000 black Dominicans; sign the petition ( It’s time to end racial hatred.