Something You Forgot

My name is Aliya Garfield and I am the writer of the, Something You Forgot, blog series. The greater purposes of my blog are to start conversations, influence behaviors of people and bring about change. I want to shine a spotlight on the different ideas, behaviors and institutions that are components of our society that only promote the oppression and destruction of people. My plan is to discuss issues that are taboo or controversial relating to education and the black community, not necessarily to get you to agree with my point of view but in the hopes of you reading it and taking the steps to research and form your own opinions and ideas in turn changing the things you do. The main points I want you to take away from my blogs are 1. The way things are is not the way they have to be. 2. When you know better you do better 3. You have to be that change you want to see.  Also to get you to share information with others in an effort to get others to understand those main points as well. By opening conversations and changing behaviors we can create a substantial change but it all starts with mindset.



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