People Hurt Not Words by BreC

Carter attended Northpoint High School, and from the moment he entered he knew he was different from the other guys. Jocks and their cheer leader girlfriends ran the school. From Carter’s stature you would think he was a jock, but he actually was a cheerleader. Carter was not gay, but he identified more with women because he was raised by his mother. He understood their sensitivity and wanted to help them the best way he could. The jocks, nerds, computer geeks, emos, cool kids, and every other kid had a field day with this decision. He was constantly called a sissy, oversized faggot, and tranny. Each day at home he would cry silently to himself because he knew each day at school he would be tormented. The words got too be overwhelming to the point he would hear sissy, oversized faggot, and tranny in his mind when he daydreamed and in his dreams when he slept.

On Monday, March 2, 2015, his mother went to wake him as she normally would. When she looked in his room everything was neat and she realized he wasn’t there. This was a shock to her because he never wakes up on time, and she would have to beg him to clean his room. She called his cellphone and got no response. This wasn’t odd because sometimes he didn’t always answer. At 10am two police officers came to her door, passed her a letter, and said “Ma’am we need you to come to the coroners and identify your son because we found him on the train tracks. When she looked down at the note in her hand it read at the end in big, bold, black letters ” I JUST WANT TO BE ACCEPTED.”

Approximately 105 Americans die a day from suicide. This is about 38,000 people each year (CDC). One of the reasons is because people hurt, not words. When people take time out to make fun of people they do not stop and think of the torment that is caused. Each time the boy that is a little feminine is called a faggot, it’s programmed in his mind that his personality is not socially accepted. Each time a girl is called a whore because she wears short skirts its programmed in her mind her style is not socially accepted. People do not stop and think how this effects people. The boy that is teased could be at his breaking point because he is at war with his sexuality. The girl that is teased could be at her breaking point because she is really a virgin and can’t understand people’s cruelty. As a bully you have to think, is it okay to be a murderer? If I was to go to trial would I get life? This sounds extreme, but the result of someone’s words ended someone’s life.

If you are a person that feels like you can no longer deal with life, seek therapy because your life is worth it, and your death doesn’t only effect you. Use the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 18002738255. It’s available 24/7 for English and Spanish speakers. If you are a bully remember words don’t kill, but people do! So if you are using your words to kill you are a murderer. 


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